Your home is your largest investment and we want to make sure you are getting what you pay for.  We work diligently with the architect and the contractor to make sure you project stays on schedule and money is not being wasted on unnecessary components.  The list below are some of the residential projects we have designed.

  • 2507 Cameron Blvd – View2507 cameron blvd
  • 323 W. Ashley St – View323 w. ashley st.
  • 2744 Rush Haven Dr – ViewRush Haven Dr.
  • #5 Morgan Place Dr – ViewMorgan Place
  • 24 Sand Dollar Dr. – View24 Sand Dollar
  • 455 Island Park Dr. –   ViewIMG_3907-EFFECTS
  • 123 Ocean Course Dr. – ViewIMG_3713.jpgIMG_3716
  • 7 Nashmor Dr. – Viewbetros
  • 2401 Palm Blvd – View2400 Palm
  • 87 Salt House Ln. – ViewSalt House
  • 1802 Ion Ave. – View1802 Ion Ave
  • Whitepointe Community – View.  Atlantic Engineering is responsible for all the homes in the Whitepointe Community.  Working with the North Beach Builders we designed all of North Beach Plantation including the Welcome Center.  white-big
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